Plastic Island in London: Luzinterruptus

Part of Lumiere London 2016, an unprecedented light festival that offered a unique vision of London during 4 nights getting the public involved massively as they enjoyed a carless, artistically intervened downtown area.

For this edition, they asked us to carry out a new version of our Plastic Island inside the fountains in Trafalgar Square. We could not say ‘No’ to such a challenge. Intervening such an emblematic place would help us to better spread our message on plastic massive usage.

Although this format had to adapt itself to such a complicated space, the piece’s message was still the same: “to replicate, at a smaller scale, the so-called “eighth continent” made of plastic and garbage which is alarmingly taking over great areas of the Pacific. Governments remain passive before this situation either because they lack interest or because they are incapable to solve this problem. They are allowing this huge mass of about 4 million tons of more or less crushed plastic to shape about 22,200 kilometers (about 13,794 miles) of irregular surface which goes 30 meters (about 98 feet) deep under the water, and is destroying most of the marine wildlife in the area and transforming the ecosystem.”.

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