Hello everyone!

I am Susana F. Blanco, a Spanish artist based in Saudi Arabia and teaching Design at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. I am also an Accredited Assistant Professor with ANECA in Spain.

After many years of exploring various painting techniques, I am focusing on the encaustic technique. Encaustic or wax painting involves heated beeswax and Dammar resin mixed with coloured pigments. This technique was used in the portraits of Fayum mummies in Egypt around 100-300 AD.

The benefits of this medium for me are its dimensional quality and vibrant colours, although it is technically challenging to master. Additionally, I am interested in using this technique in murals and outdoor paintings due to its excellent resistance to sunlight and weather conditions.

I have over seventeen years of experience in teaching Art and Design. I hold an International PhD in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art, and a double Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design, one from the UK and the other from Spain.

The topic of my doctoral thesis was “The Use of Beeswax as a Material in the Arts and its Applications from the 20th Century to the Present.” I am also passionate about sustainability and am constantly researching ways to find sustainable materials for my studio.

I paint out of necessity and a desire for communication. My primary expressive condition is to seek the deepest communication. When I discover something interesting, I love to share it. It would be a crime for me to keep it to myself. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy teaching.

I rediscovered encaustic and fell in love with this technique. Through my doctoral research, I realised that it is not as widespread in other countries as it is in the United States, and I want to promote it wherever I live because it is wonderfully unique.

I am passionate about the idea of a sustainable world. One of my dreams would be to design and create an independent and sustainable artist’s studio… perhaps it’s impossible, but I would love to try it.

Nevertheless, I am also involved in various diverse projects because many things impress me: for example, researching AI and its multiple applications in Art. 3 D Printing with sustainable materials. I am also immersed in a research project about the artists who collaborated on the buildings along Gran Vía in Madrid.

Thank you all for seeing my website, and have a great day!