65th Worldwide SketchCrawl & 1st in Saudi Arabia

Here is the link to found the place:

Enrico Casarosa was the founder of SketchCrawl. The idea is to do a global drawing marathon: meet with all the sketchers one day in a beautiful space and draw everything around you.

How to participate to a World Wide SketchCrawl?

In brief, these forums have those three goals:

1– Get artists together and organized for the upcoming Sketchcrawl.
2Share artists’ sketches and photos from all over the world after the SketchCrawl.
3– Create a community of friends passionate about drawing around the world.

There are no rules:
-Anyone can participate, be it to draw for 20 minutes or the full day .
-Any level of ability is welcome from veteran artists to first time sketchers.
-Any age! Try it with your kids!

A key thing, help us spread the word!
If you are reading this, I am sure you have a number of friends that might be interested in this as much as you are. Tell them about SketchCrawl! Let’s share this idea with the rest of the globe. No borders.

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