65th Worldwide SketchCrawl & 1st in Saudi Arabia

Here is the link to found the place: https://goo.gl/maps/Ed37u5RLZhHnNDuv8 Enrico Casarosa was the founder of SketchCrawl. The idea is to do a global drawing marathon: meet with all the sketchers one day in a beautiful space and draw everything around you. How to participate to a World Wide SketchCrawl? In brief, these forums have those…

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Love Beeswax!


As you know, the main topic of my thesis is as follows:“The BEESWAX used as material in Arts and its applications from the 20th century to the present”. I created a website called www.lovebeeswax.com to publish all the data collected to share, not only with the researches collective but with everybody. I think that beeswax…

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